Amazing aspects of Stoned Ape Theory:

Stoned app theory was purposed by Terence McKenna, who contemplated and believed that mushrooms are like the evolutionary catalyst from which many things, like arts, science religion, philosophy have emerged. This purposed hypothetical statement is articulated as a stoned app theory. This theory prompted many controversial statements and rendered people think that the evolution of human beings at such a higher pace, with strong intellectual power, was the result of mushroom addiction. This means that the evolutionary leap between the homo erectus and homo sapiens is due to their encounter with shrooms.

Terence McKenna uttered this theory based on firm research which had conducted in 1960, on the magic mushroom drug. The theory was based upon the thinking that homo erectus was forced to eat new food sources, magic mushrooms were present, which rendered the substantial increase in the thinking process and intellectuality. The stones app theory also pronounces that the evolution of mankind is due to exposure of shroom by the ancient homo erectus. The increased and clear sight of the human eye which helps us in hunting is due to that mushrooms. The hiking of the sexual activities due to high sexual desire render the reproduction of more and more offspring. Some people argue against the validity and authenticity of theory by articulating the most practical argument. That argument is that magic mushrooms are not found in Africa and the ancestors of the African people did not know about this, although, they had good knowledge pertaining to the flora and fauna in Africa. But here we are not talking about the prevailing era, we are talking about the era of about 200,000 years ago. So, according to this theory, there are chances that magic mushrooms must have been there, before their extinction from Africa.


Tired of depression?

According to research, the drug psilocybin has been very beneficial and amazing in helping with anxiety, depression, and overthinking. Psilocybin is a naturally occurring chemical compound produced by more than 200 species of fungus. The most inevitable aspect of psilocybin is that it assists in the eradication of drug addiction. Some classical and new techniques pertaining to drug addiction have been psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy. But the new emerging technique of psilocybin had undermined these types of techniques because of its substantial effectiveness as compared to others. Recent data shows the remarkable results of substance use disorders (SUD) by the treatment with psilocybin.

There are a lot of similarities between the chemical structure of psilocybin and serotonin. The dysregulation in the serotonin system is prompt by the change in the structure of stress hormones like cortisol which render the provocation of mood disorder. After the incorporation of psilocybin, the prevailed cortisol level revives and which prompt the execution of the executive control network. The major outcomes of these processes and usage of magic mushrooms are to gain control over the thinking process, curtailing negative thoughts and feelings. The psilocybin has been winning the laurels in the SUD area because of having a minimum risk of toxicity and hazard and its usage under the control of clinical conditions. Psilocybin therapy is also emerging at a higher pace because of the usage of the psychedelic drug psilocybin, which is the active ingredient of psilocybin and use to get rid of anxiety and depression. But due to the lack of enough proof of efficacy and safety, it has not been used along with the classical medical techniques.


Seeking Personal Growth?

One of the main and unbelievable aspects of shrooms is that we can use it to heal and develop our personality. If you want to achieve and seek comfort, or you have a curiosity to use it constructively or intuition on how it works, you should try it. The results will be remarkable. The use required the integration of a safe environment and mental consciousness like what you are going to do. The continuous awareness has been done by the relevant stakeholders in the field of magic mushroom and it is safe to use.

You should be clear in your mind. It is highly recommended that it should be used with people you trust when it’s your first time. The unprecedented outcomes have emerged with the use of magic mushrooms in healing, curtailing the fear of death. The prevailing beliefs and ideas in our mind, prompt the uneasiness and unhappiness in ourselves which can respite by the encounter of magic mushrooms. It helps in the devolvement of the prevailing beliefs and makes people start with fresh thinking.



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