A new study on the association between Psychedelic medications and reduced violence cases has put forward the idea that psychedelic medications such as Shrooms, Ecstacy, Mescaline, & Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) tend to reduce people’s propensity to respond violently in various situations. The study conducted by an elite group of scholars from the University of Alabama drew its findings from a comprehensive analysis of data collected by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. The researchers focused on various key elements, including how each of the 480,000 respondents responded to queries relating to drug consumption, criminal activities, and arrests. The scholars revealed that individuals who had consumed hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin were most likely to commit acts of violence compared to those under the influence of psychedelics.

While taking note of the fact that psychedelics are directly related to the reduction in violent episodes, the study explicitly revealed that psychedelics do not eliminate violence. Researchers revealed that individuals who had consumed psychedelic medications at least once in their lifetimes were found to be 12% less likely to participate in cases of assault. To put simply, the study does not argue that psychedelics should be considered as a conclusive means of reducing cases of violence. Instead, it argues that the affirmative effects linked to the use of psychedelics are dependable enough to warrant further clinical investigations into the link between psychedelics and reduced cases of violence.

Psychedelics are illegal┬áto possess, obtain or produce without a prescription. Consequently, the study of psychedelics is quite difficult, mainly because the Drug Enforcement Administration Agency is most likely to decline any request to fund research on the use of psychedelics. The sad reality is that most Canadians are not aware that psychedelics might positively affect an individual’s behavior. Although it is not the first time that a research study revealed that psychedelics have certain benefits. Nearly five years ago, the New York Times, one of the most renowned news publication companies in the United States of America, published a series of research findings sourced from various university studies. The research findings revealed that psychedelic medications are associated with thrilling positive results in treating cases of anxiety, violent behavior, depression, and addiction to hard drugs such as cocaine.

Most people often wonder how psychedelic treatments work. Psychedelic drugs such as Ecstasy and Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSDs) are often associated with various negative repercussions such as addiction and mental incapacitation. Researchers have revealed that psychedelic drugs function through stimulation, suppression, or modulation of various neural transmissions in an individual’s brain. The effects of psychedelic drugs are generally slow. The effectiveness of psychedelics varies from one drug to another. Research studies conducted in the past revealed that psychedelic drugs’ alleged effects tend to vary depending on an individual’s expectation. The idea that psychedelic drugs’ effects tend to vary depending on an individual’s expectations is known as psychedelic ‘set.’

Two noteworthy studies touched on the issue of psychedelic ‘set.’ Fundamentally speaking, psychedelic ‘set’ refers to an individual’s past experiences and attitude towards a particular psychedelic drug. The studies attempted to assess the effects of psychedelics on violent behaviors by focusing on convicted criminals. Forced psychedelic medications are common in the US prison system. Nearly a century ago, researchers warned against forced psychedelic treatments in the prison setting, citing the idea that most convicts have a negative attitude towards psychedelics; therefore, they are most likely to react negatively. Currently, the available data is insufficient to prove that psychedelic drugs have negative repercussions. However, group of researchers from Alabama University warned against forced treatment. This raises one critical question: is there a need to carry out further research on the association of psychedelics and the reduction of violence?

Violent crimes are currently at the lowest level ever recorded, but they are still quite costly to the general public both economically and socially. Researchers revealed that in the year 2020 alone, violent crimes cost the government an estimated nine million dollars to investigate and prosecute one case. Most people think that the adverse effects of violent crimes end when a criminal is arrested, arraigned in court, and sentenced to prison, but research has revealed that victims of violent crimes are most likely to suffer from long-term cognitive problems. Considering that the price of violence is quite costly, the use of psychedelics as a means to reduce cases of violence should be put under serious consideration.

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